Badrinath through age

Badrikashram has been known by different names in different times:

In the Satyug it was called the Muktiprada because in this era Lord Narayan himself resided in the Badrivan (the forest of Badri Trees), his devotees could see him whenever they wished to.

In the Tretayug Lord Narayan was only visible to those who had acquired the vision after great sadhana (penance) and those who were yogamukt. Since Lord Narayan could only be seen by the few, who had meditated, the place came to be known as Yogasiddhit.

In the Dwaparyug this region became very well known. Its fame spread far and wide, as a result large number of people flocked to see Lord Narayan and so the place came to be known as Vishala, which means very large.

Badri trees grew in abundance in this region, so in time this place came to be known as Badrikashram