Lord Shiva And Sages

Wherever the ascetics of the Badri region lived also came to be known as the Panch Badri. As a result the actual location of Badri region became doubtful. When the divine bodied saadhakas (ascetics) could not see the idols of Lord Narayan in the Naradkund they were saddened and expressed their sorrow to Lord Shiva. They lamented that one could not receive darshan of the lord even in Badrikashram now and wondered at the cause. Lord Shiva meditated on this question and then told them what was revealed to him. He said that the trouble was not only in Badrikashram but in entire Bharat (India). The people of Bharat (India) had forgotten the ways of the Vedas. To re-establish Vedic thought and to revive the lost significance of the pilgrimage centres he said he would have to take birth as a mortal. After reassuring them he asked them to leave.

"Vipra bhairav datsya gehe gatva sa ve shiva

Tatputro bhumiloke shankronama: vishruta"

Thus Lord Shiv took birth in Southern Kerala in a village called Kaladi in the family of the Brahmin Bhairavdatta