The Hinyaan did not believe in idolatry. On the other hand the Mahayaanis were idol worshippers. The road to the Tibet based Kailash Mansarovar passed through Badrikashram in those days. The people of the Mahayaan sect looked upon Lord Badrinath as another form of Buddha and paid their obeisance to him with reverence and faith. But the Hinyaan who were not idol worshippers started disturbing the peace of the Badrikashram. The situation worsened to the extent that the devotees found it difficult to protect the Lord's idols. They came to the conclusion that since the earth is never seedless it will produce another great soul at some time. They put the idols of Lord Narayan back in the Naradkund. People of the mahayana sect fled from the Badri region to other places.