Temples in Yamunotri

Yamunotri Temple The main temple is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. The present temple was built by Maharani Guleria of Jaipur in the late nineteenth century. Once destroyed by an earthquake, it has been rebuilt. A holy dip in the nearby tank filled by hot springs and cooking rice in its water are common rituals performed by the devotees.

To the left of the Mandir is the Surya Kund, in which prasad is prepared. It is believed that this was given by Surya Dev (the Sun God) to Maa Yamuna, his daughter, as dowry. People not just refresh here but also make prasad for offerings Some potatoes or rice with a pinch of salt are tied in a muslin cloth and dipped in the spring for few minutes, they come out boiled.

And after being offered to the deity, they are taken home as prasad. The temperature of the springs is as high as 88 degrees. The presence of a hot water spring surrounded by snow capped peaks reinforces one's faith in the divinity of the place.

Saptrishi kund :-This is the source of Yamuna but being a little difficult to access, few people go there and most offer their prayers in the temple itself. A twelve kilometre difficult trek route will take you to Saptrishi kund. A natural glacial kund, the trek upto Saptrishi kund eases out around the base of Kalinda parvat. Dark blue waters, slate stones on the banks, and a rare variety of lotus adorning the water, Saptrishi Kund is a sight to behold. Trip to Saptrishi Kund requires you to be acclimatised for at least one day at Yamunotri and a guide to take you.

Shri Siddh Hanuman Mandir :-The temple complex of Yamunotri overlooks another Mandir, dedicated to Hanuman. In this Mandir, devotees can offer prayers not only to Hanuman but also Ram and Sita. The temple is believed to be located at the site of an ancient cave.

The head priest here claims to have never crossed over to the other side of the bridge in 20 years. In fact he spends the bitter winter months in the Hanuman Temple and usually sleeps to the right of the temple's entrance.